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Why Is My Furnace Flame Burning Yellow? | Hunk

The color of the flame from a gas furnace can be used to diagnose problems in the furnace itself. If it is in good working order, the flame should be blue, with only very little yellow at the tip of the flame's inner cone. If the flame is mostly yellow or orange, this signifies a major, and potentially dangerous, problem.

Yellow Flame coal stoker boiler Running2 - YouTube

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Click to view2:57Aug 01, 2015· Yellow Flame automatic feeding coal fired boiler for home heating. This unit is from the mid 1960's and is in near perfect condition. Even the coil for heating domestic hot water works fine.

Why Is Your Gas Grill Flame Yello

Author: Stoker Don Tighten the screw and relight the grill. Wait a minute for the flame to settle in and see if you still have a yellow flame. If you do, repeat the process until the yellow is almost eliminated. A good flame is predominately blue but may have yellow tips. Once you have that burner burning mostly blue repeat for the other burners.

Warning Signs Your Gas Boiler Is Not Working Efficient

Author: Derrick Riches Leaking boiler emissions can prove fatal see below for Carbon monoxide poisoning. Yellow rather than a blue flame . When you look and see the flame inside your boiler it should be burning with a blue flame. If it is burning with a yellow flame, this could be a sign that carbon monoxide is being produce. Pilot Light Keeps Going Out

Blue Flame: Blue and Yellow Flame: Gas Flame Col

yellow flames, combustion problem? — Heating Help: The WallORANGE GAS FLAME — Heating Help: The WallSee more results Gas Cooker Yellow Flame - Are Yellow or Red Flames on Gas Stove Dangerous A yellow or red flames on gas stove is dangerous, as it is indicative of incomplete combustion and carbon monoxide (CO) generation. A gas cooker yellow flame is a dangerous safety problem, if it occurs with an indoor appliance like a gas stove. You could also be wasting gas.

Propane heater with yellow flames and roars | Hearth.c

Jan 28, 2013· I went up yesterday and there was a fair bit of yellow/orange flames. I took the burner out and cleaned it and the orifice. But neither. really seemed that dirty. The combustion area seem soot. Today it happened again and this time she looked at it and said there was a lot of yellow/orange flames. She is using a 120 gal tank and it

Yellow Flame Propane Burner | - Be

Jun 26, 2009· The yellow flame indicates that it's burning too rich. IOW, the air/fuel ratio isn't right. Typically, there is an air damper that allows you to adjust the mixture for the optimum burn. The damper is usually a simple disc mounted where the gas hose is attached to the burner. You can rotate the disc to increase the combustion air opening.

Your gas boiler has a yellow flame. Explain why it wou

Jan 09, 2011· If you are burning natural gas, it means that the burner is dirty and not getting enough air. If left untreated it will lead to sooting and possibly carbon monoxide problems. Get the burner serviced immediately. If you are burning propane gas, there will be a yellow "tip" to the flame…

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Dec 07, 2015· Gas boiler yellow flame. Reply Reply Author Yellow flame is not a good sign, take a look and see if its just the pilot that is yellow if so its not to bad. Blue is burning efficiently.

Why Is My Water Heater Flame Orange/Yello

Yellow burner flame is the number-one reason for the excessive smoking and soot build up in the combustion chamber, flue tubes, and the gas burner. These scenarios simulate what affects the normal operation of the water heater and left unattended with only damage the water heater and cause it to breakdown even further.

Do you have a orange or yellow pilot light flame? 24

Propane Burner Cleaning | - Beer, WineOct 07, 2015Banjo Burner on LP propane problem | HomeBrewTalk.comNov 15, 2014Backyard Classic turkey fryer, sooty yellow flameJul 05, 2012Flame Problem on Turkey Fryer Burner | HomeBrewTalk.comJul 21, 2008See more results As well as a yellow pilot light, other signs that your gas boiler is leaking carbon monoxide include staining or soot around the appliance, condensation within the room or a smoky smell. Switch off the boiler and call out 247 Home Rescue’s boiler breakdown team if you notice these problems.. Check for breezes . A slight breeze could cause extra air to get into your gas supply and cause your

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